Triple (3-stick) LaXtube Lacrosse Stick & Pole Carrier

3-stick capacity LaXtube for carrying up to 3 lacrosse sticks or poles at a time.  Slides quickly and easily into your 2" hitch.  Forget folding down seats and trying to maneuver muddy wet sticks into your clean car.  Safely transport your sticks to and from practice, tournaments and season games.  Players, parents and coaches love the convenience of LaXtubes!

*Registered Patent

Perfect for families with a player covering multiple positions, or families with multiple players.  Keep those lacrosse sticks out of your car!  The triple stick LaXtube can carry up to 3 lacrosse sticks/poles at once.

A hitch-mounted carrier that holds up to 3 lacrosse sticks, LaXtubes are ideal for lacrosse-loving parents, coaches and players.
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